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My name is Ellen DuBois, and I've been writing since I can remember. I began writing poetry as a child and as I got older, my poems, stories, lyrics, etc., grew with me. Whenever I had to sort out my feelings, I turned to writing - and still do. Whether pen and paper, my old Smith-Corona typewriter I got for my high school graduation or my computer, writing has been a constant, faithful companion.

So has the hobby of taking pictures. I find photography to be an incredibly relaxing, spiritual experience. So, I've incorporated my picture taking into my blog. It's a part of me and what I see that I'd like to share with you.

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Another School Shooting? This CAN'T Be Our Kid's "New Normal" #kidslivesmatter

by Ellen DuBois on 02/15/18

"At least 17 people were killed when a teen opened fire with a semiautomatic rifle at a high school in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday afternoon, officials said."

I stand heartbroken before you with the rest of this country- with the rest of the world. Another school shooting? This CAN'T be our kid's 'new normal'.

I don't have the answers, but I'm willing to help try to come up with something. ANYTHING. I can't stand by and watch yet another newscast telling me there's been another shooting.

Our children are being massacred by psychos with guns. Yes, I said psychos and if that's not politically correct, I don't offer an apology.

It's not about politics. First and foremost, it's about the children, the ones we are supposed to be able to protect, being shot down in cold blood. It's also about the teachers and other victims of these horrific shootings that defy reason . There is no reason when it comes to evil. Additionally, it's about unstable people with guns who never, EVER should have had them in the first place.

"The number of mass shootings around the country in 2018 continues to climb. According to data from the Gun Violence Archive, a total of 30 mass shooting incidents have occurred as of February 14, including Wednesday's school shooting in Florida."-

What are we going to do? How are we going to protect our children? How are we going to protect ANY innocent bystander who gets caught in the crossfire of someone who is mentally deranged?

School shootings. Nightclub shootings. Concert shootings...Enough!

I'm grasping at straws as I try to comprehend yet another tragic shooting. I can't wrap my brain around it. I cry when I think about the lives lost and the families of the victims. My heart goes out to those who survived, too. I can't imagine what this atrocity did to the kids who lived it, saw it and felt such fear and terror. We've got some very serious PTSD to address and it's in our schools. It's seems unreal, but this nightmare is very real.

I believe we have to get to the root of the problem: unstable, mentally deranged people who are going on killing sprees. This is not a political statement. I know guns don't shoot themselves- people do. And the ones who do it are sick and don't give a damn about any law. All the legislation in the world isn't going to stop them because they don't care about laws and legislation.

I, along with millions of others, feel helpless. But, I can't be helpless because children depend of adults to be helpful. For the love of God, keep your eyes open. Listen. Our kids need to know they can report any suspicious behavior/activity to an adult without repercussion. Sort out what's accurate after it's investigated- let's not wait to act. If we do, it'll be too late. Listen to the concerns of children when they say "so and so is being violent, weird, making threats or creepy" and take every word seriously. Don't be afraid to speak up to authorities and to each other. We all need to be vigilant and LOOK UP AND AROUND instead of down. We all need to notice the world and the people around us- beyond our cell phones.

It's a start.

We need to protect each other. This can't be our kid's new normal.

I have to add this: While I believe in a person's right to bear arms, I also believe in background checks. I believe there is no need for anyone, except for the military and law enforcement, to carry assault rifles, which are capable of fully automatic firing.  #kidslivesmatter

Ellen M. DuBois

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