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Welcome to my author page and blog, Thoughtwaves.

My name is Ellen DuBois, and I've been writing since I can remember. I began writing poetry as a child and as I got older, my poems grew with me. Whenever I had to sort out my feelings, I turned to writing because my thoughts became clearer. I still turn to writing. It's been a constant, faithful companion.

Turning adversity into something positive has been a theme in my writing. From poetry and lyrics to short articles and essays, I seem to gravitate to issues of the heart and my faith in God, Jesus, the angels- spirituality.

Eleven years after a devestating miscarriage, I wrote a short ebook about my experiences and emotions. Several years later, I wrote more about coping with miscarriage and I Never Held You was published as a paperback by a small, traditional publisher. A few years later, in 2009, I republished my book with Createspace. I Never Held You: Miscarriage, Grief, Healing and Recovery

My works have appeared in books ranging from anxiety attacks to inspirational collections of poetry and stories. I've also been lucky enough to be published by Blue Mountain Arts. I feel blessed to have been included in these books/greeting cards and plan on "pushing forward".

Please visit my author page, Ellen M. DuBois, on by clicking here.

Be well and God Bless, Ellen

Reading E2 by Pam Grout & What My Flowers Have Taught Me

by Ellen DuBois on 08/22/13

I'm one of those people who absorbs spiritual enlightenment and self awareness/help books like a sponge. Typically, I take bits and pieces of every book I either read or listen to and keep what resonates with me. I even wrote one to help women who have miscarried, hoping they'd do the same.

Right now I'm reading E2 by Pam Grout and it's not only entertaining, (love her quips and down-to-earth writing style), it's real and let me tell you, some of the things that have happened simply by redirecting/changing my thoughts/energy are nothing short of amazing! And, I GET why they are.

Okay. I'm probably not making much sense so I want to SHOW you. I like to see things because I'm a visual kind of person. (I'd rather look at a picture of how to assemble something over reading the actual instructions. Not always a good move, by the way...)

Here is a picture of my flowers. There are three flower boxes, a cement pot with two plants in it and next to it, a baby rose bush:

Okay. Now that you've seen them, let me tell you what I did based on an experiment in Pam Grout's book: I sent my flowers love every time I watered them, walked by them, or simply was near them. I thought it, said it, whatever. One of the Dahlias was a gonner, (the one closest to the left of the picture). There wasn't a bud to be found. It was a wilted, sad little pile of dead leaves. After about three days of setting the intention of sending love to my plants and doing it, I was out there with my watering can early in the morning and...there it was. A bud! Wow! So, I gingerly picked away the 'dead stuff' and continued sending my flowers loving, positive thoughts.

That kind of thing comes easily to me because, well, it's just how I'm wired. But, I tend to think we're all 'wired' that way- we can all tap into God, energy, the Source. Some of us just don't know it.

So, about my flowers. (I digress...) They look amazing and are flourishing! Because of what? Because I am sending them nothing but positive thoughts and love. That's it. No Miracle Gro. No special formula from a greenhouse. Nothing more than my own positive, loving thoughts which consist of real, live, bouncing-around energy that has a direct impact on everything.

There you have it. One example of what my thoughts can do, and so can yours.

A big thank you to Pam Grout for writing this amazing book! E2!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


Ellen DuBois is the author of I Never Held You: A book about Miscarriage, Grief, Healing and Recovery and Host of She's also published with Blue Mountain Arts and is a contributing author in several books including: Soul Matters for Teens, Sisters, (Blue Mountain Arts gift book), Conquering Panic and Anxiety Disorders- Success Stories, Strategies and other Good News, Romancing the Soul, More God Allows U-Turns. From free to full-service, CreateSpace offers book publishing options to meet your needs and budget. Sign up free now.

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