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Are they debating about Dr. Suess on TV?

by Ellen DuBois on 09/29/17

I cannot believe it.
I cannot conceive it.
Are they debating about
Dr. Suess on TV?
They say he's a racist
and not a good person.
My God, is there anything
on which we agree?
What did it to to my poor little head
as I read Dr. Suess when I went to bed?
Was I ruined for life
because of his books?
Did I turn out so bad-
like a thief or a crook?
Melania tried to give out some books-
and she was treated like a thief and a crook!
There are places in trouble
with no power, no food!
We must gather together
for human kind's good!
So why do they accuse Dr. Suess on TV,
of being a racist to the Nth degree?
Aren't there more important
things to discuss?
Like earthquakes, hurricanes,
those left in the dust?
But a book, many books,
are at the core of the news.
I simply don't get it
and I'm not amused.
Are we such a narrow-minded society,
that we argue about Dr. Suess on TV?
It's almost laughable, but sickened, I am.
I think I will go eat some GREEN EGGS AND HAM!

Ellen M. DuBois

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